Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Orthodoxy Test #11: Coed Activities

Coed activities are

a) completely, unequivocally assur
b) very much frowned upon
c) ok, but only for people "in the parsha" and only under supervision
d) usually fine
e) necessary for a normal and healthy society
f) Leave this question out of my results

I apologize for not being more opinionated and controversial, but I took a pass [(f)] on this one too. There are way too many rabbis I know and respect who approve of coed activities of one sort or another for me to believe (a), or even an unqualified (b). These rabbis do not support exclusively activities of the type described by (c), either (indeed, some of them probably would not support activities of the (c) type). Rejecting (a), (b) and (c) does not, however, mean that coed activities are "usually fine" - (d). And while (e) may technically be correct in a limited sort of way, my feeling is that (e) is intended to express even more broad and enthusiastic approval of coed activities than does (d); obviously, that's not my position either. So I'm forced to choose (f).

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