Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rabbi David Luria

(Radal; 1797-1855; Lithuania), on Bereishit Rabbah 6:8 (note 8), says that the Tannaic dispute about astronomy that the midrash records is equivalent to the dispute between the Jewish and the gentile sages on Pesachim 94b:

פירוש רד"ל, אות ח, למדרש רבה, בראשית ו, ח (נמצא במדרש רבה, ניו יורק: ז. ברמן); ז"ל

מאחורי הכיפה ולמטה.  היינו תחת הקרקע דפסחים (צ"ג) [צ"ל צ"ד]:  עכ"ל

"Behind the covering of the firmament and below": This means the same as the phrase "under the earth" found in tractate Pesachim (94b).  [translation by HWMNBN]

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