Monday, April 24, 2006

Tosafot to Chagiga 12a

(12th or 13th century; France/Germany), s.v. "Idi ve'idi chad shiyura hu": Favours the view that Chazal dispute the various dimensions of the world and universe; suggests also the possibility of a historical dispute about the location of Adam at various points in time. There is no indication that the discussion should be taken non-literally.

תוספות, חגיגה יב. ד"ה "אידי ואידי חד שיעורא הוא" (ש"ס ווילנא); ז"ל

אידי ואידי חד שיעורא הוא. ופליג אמאן דדריש בתמיד (דף לב.) דמזרח ומערב רחוק טפי דאי לא תימא הכי אדם היכי הוה קם כיון דכתיב מקצה השמים ועד קצה השמים וי"ל שסובר שהיה בגן עדן עד שנתמעט: עכ"ל

"The two measures [from the earth to the heavens and from one end of the world to the other] are equal." This disagrees with he who derives in Tractate Tamid that from east to west [i.e., from one end of the world to the other] is the greater distance; for otherwise, how could Adam have stood up, given that it is written [that he stretched] "from one end of the heavens to the other"? One could respond that he holds that [Adam] was in the Garden of Eden until he shrank. [translation by HWMNBN]

(Reference from de' Rossi, Me'or Einayim, Imrei Vina 1:11 (Weinberg edition: p. 201, fn. 5.))

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