Sunday, April 30, 2006


Babylonian Talmud

Berachot 44b


Yeedle said...

You built this list partially on the premise that: scientific matter + dispute between sages = scientific matter not Torah. I thing this is wrong and misleading. See Ritva Chagiga 14b.

DES said...

I can't find your reference, but I don't agree with (or don't understand) your description of my premise.

My premise is simply that if Talmudic rabbis disputed a scientific point -- i.e., a description of some aspect of the world or how it operates -- one side (or more) was presumably incorrect in its description -- i.e., in its scientific belief. This is true regardless of why they were debating or what arguments they summoned as evidence.

First Last said...
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First Last said...

I think you should add the gemara in sanhedrin 91b - the stories with Rebbe and Antoninus